Dartford Warbler

Sylvia undata

Scarce visitor.

BOU Name
Dartford Warbler
Data Required
Description (RED LIST SPECIES)
EBSIP (7, 69, 76)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Dartford Warbler 17 Dec 2020 East Tilbury Paul Larkin 1 Fem/1st winter
Dartford Warbler 12 Dec 2020 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 1 Near the pit to the south of the tip
Dartford Warbler 13 Nov 2020 WigboroWick Farm, St Osyth Clive Atkins 1
Dartford Warbler 04 Nov 2020 Holland Haven Simon Cox 1 ringed and later observed near wooden hide
Dartford Warbler 26 Oct 2020 Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury Steve Grimwade 1 Female/immature in SSSI with Stonechats
Dartford Warbler 07 Feb 2020 Goldhanger Alan Shearring 1 usual place favouring the gorse bushes and suaeda by seawall
Dartford Warbler 05 Feb 2020 Bradwell Bird Observatory (BBO) John Sutherby 1 Female. 200-400 yards south of Obs along sea wall in Suaeda. Looks like, and undoubtedly is, the same bird that was present towards the end of last year.
Dartford Warbler 11 Dec 2019 Bradwell Bird Observatory (BBO) John Sutherby 1 Female. Now half mile south of Obs in Suaeda.
Dartford Warbler 13 Nov 2019 Bradwell Bird Observatory (BBO) Robert Pease 1 A female along the sea wall by the Obs.
Dartford Warbler 10 Nov 2019 Bradwell Bird Observatory (BBO) John Sutherby 1 Female frequenting Suaeda bushes around Obs area.
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