Mandarin Duck

Aix galericulata

Introduced resident - slowly increasing.

BOU Name
Mandarin Duck
Data Required
All records. Sex.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Mandarin Duck 13 Apr 2021 Hutton James Hudson 1 male flushed from river by Buzzard
Mandarin Duck 28 Mar 2021 Colchester Glyn Evans 2 Pair in tree on edge of wood, likely prospecting
Mandarin Duck 21 Mar 2021 Wivenhoe Glyn Evans 1 Drake flew out of Alresford Grange and back in again
Mandarin Duck 13 Feb 2021 Writtle Andrew Allen 1 Titchmarsh Reservoir
Mandarin Duck 29 Jan 2021 Birdbrook Barry Williams 2
Mandarin Duck 30 Dec 2020 Thorndon CP (North) Andrew Cox 4 Two pairs.
Mandarin Duck 26 Dec 2020 Dedham Paul Saward 3 Within flooded field on Essex side
Mandarin Duck 08 Oct 2020 Writtle Oliver Cottis 1 stunning male on the duck pond. He's been there for at least a couple of weeks now.
Mandarin Duck 30 Sep 2020 Thorndon CP (North) Andrew Cox 10 Six males, four females. Hatch Farm pond.
Mandarin Duck 28 Sep 2020 Thorndon CP (North) Andrew Cox 2 Pair, Hatch Farm pond.
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