Saxicola rubetra

Regular passage migrant. Has bred.

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All records. Age/sex.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Whinchat 04 Nov 2020 Braintree James Harvey 1 Only my second sighting on my patch, first was in the next-door field in Oct 2017.
Whinchat 12 Oct 2020 Naze, The Matt Trevillion 2
Whinchat 07 Oct 2020 The Hythe, Colchester Phil Carter 2
Whinchat 05 Oct 2020 Colne Pt Richard Allen 3 around sewage works
Whinchat 05 Oct 2020 Old Hall Marshes NR RSPB Mike Hardwick 1 Long walk near hides on fence
Whinchat 05 Oct 2020 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 2 undercliff
Whinchat 28 Sep 2020 Naze, The Martin Richards 1
Whinchat 20 Sep 2020 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 1 On the tip boundary fence
Whinchat 16 Sep 2020 Beckton Gary A James 1
Whinchat 11 Sep 2020 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 1 in off, briefly on undercliff before heading south
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