White Stork

Ciconia ciconia

Very rare passage migrant.

BOU Name
White Stork
Data Required
BBRC (1, 7, 8) 

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
White Stork 15 Apr 2021 Hall Marsh Scrape, Lea Valley Quentin Given 1 released
White Stork 05 Apr 2021 Abberton Reservoir Stephen Entwistle 6 6.25am Flying over great wigborough church JON NORGATE. 6.55am saw from Garr h farm seem to drop down 5 lakes salcott area by NEIL MURPHY. not seen since .hope !!! will roost again Gt wig church!!!
White Stork 04 Apr 2021 Great Wigborough Steve Grimwade 6 3 ringed from Knepp in Sussex
White Stork 24 Jul 2020 Bowers Marsh (RSPB) Clive Woodward 1 On pylon before flying down to field at 06.53. At total of 3 were seen on 22/07/20
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