Carrion Crow

Corvus corone

Common resident and migrant.

BOU Name
Carrion Crow
Data Required
Breeding survey data, trends and unusual records. Records/counts indicative of migration or passage. Counts of 50+

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Carrion Crow 28 Nov 2020 TM0420 Malcolm Riddler 9
Carrion Crow 25 Nov 2020 TM1412 Malcolm Riddler 5 on rock groynes
Carrion Crow 23 Nov 2020 TM1531 Malcolm Riddler 35
Carrion Crow 22 Nov 2020 TM2227 Malcolm Riddler 28 stubble field
Carrion Crow 18 Nov 2020 Copperas Bay, Stour Estuary Malcolm Riddler 14
Carrion Crow 17 Nov 2020 Gunners Park, Shoebury David Hale 100 Plus. We counted 100 roosting birds, many more showing.
Carrion Crow 13 Nov 2020 Wallasea Island, Crouch/Roach Estuaries Ian Dewsnap 1
Carrion Crow 04 Nov 2020 Stapleford Tawney Nicholas Weston 20 Approx. With corvid flock
Carrion Crow 28 Oct 2020 Doddinghurst Ian Swanson 250 At least, with jackdaws, in large field off Days Lane
Carrion Crow 03 Oct 2020 Shrub End Ashley Gooding 7
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