Grus grus

Rare visitor: less than annual.

BOU Name
Common Crane
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Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Crane 07 Apr 2020 Maldon Tony Kennelly 3 Flying over the garden westwards & circling over Morrisons before carrying on west
Crane 07 Apr 2020 Wix James Davidson 3 Came high south across the river from Suffolk at 13:40, soared then moved southwest at 13:45 between here and Bradfield
Crane 22 Oct 2019 East Mersea Stephen Entwistle 1 Heading east over stone point(DU)
Crane 22 Apr 2019 Witham Paul Threadgold 2 Seen heading towards tiptree area
Crane 19 Apr 2019 Rayne Chris Turner 4 Circling over Rayne heading towards gt Leighs and chelmsford
Crane 27 Oct 2017 Langenhoe/Fingringhoe Ranges Stephen Entwistle 2 8.30am flew from ranges (RPH)
Crane 22 May 2017 Rainham Marshes NR RSPB Bill Moss 1
Crane 03 May 2017 Jaywick Clive Atkins 1 Over Hastys Adventure farm towards Jaywick/ St Osyth
Crane 03 May 2017 WigboroWick Farm, St Osyth Clive Atkins 1 Flushed by my nephew whilst rounding up cows just after 2pm last seen flying over sewage works towards Brightlingsea/Mersea
Crane 25 Nov 2016 Colne Pt Chris Balchin 5 Flew low along borrow dyke west of Wall Street, lost to view shortly afterwards. Relocated gaining height over the outer Colne Estuary. Last seen circling over the Bradwell wind turbines. Suspect they roosted near to Wall Street.
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