Reed Warbler

Acrocephalus scirpaceus

BOU Name
Eurasian Reed Warbler
Data Required
All breeding records, trends and unusual records. Counts indicative of migration or passage. Early and late dates.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Reed Warbler 31 Jul 2021 Naze, The Brian Combes 3 Half-heartedly singing
Reed Warbler 24 Jul 2021 Naze, The Brian Combes 2 Singing
Reed Warbler 24 Jul 2021 Colchester Oliver Cottis 1
Reed Warbler 18 Jul 2021 Broomhouse, Langham Martin Peers 3 at least; feeding young in nests.
Reed Warbler 17 Jul 2021 Naze, The Brian Combes 4 Singing
Reed Warbler 14 Jul 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 1 Coopers beach DU
Reed Warbler 13 Jul 2021 Abberton Reservoir Ben Mapp 1
Reed Warbler 11 Jul 2021 Vange Marsh RSPB Richard Chew 3 Heard only
Reed Warbler 07 Jul 2021 Fingringhoe Wick NR EWT Ken Hudgell 6 Adults with recently fledged young
Reed Warbler 05 Jul 2021 Naze, The Reuben Braddock 2
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