Wood Pigeon

Columba palumbus

BOU Name
Common Wood Pigeon
Data Required
Breeding survey data and trends and unusual breeding records. Counts of 250+

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Wood Pigeon 01 Dec 2020 Holland Haven Malcolm Riddler 20
Wood Pigeon 27 Nov 2020 Rayne Andrew Goodey 14 Includes one finally rescued from chimney. Had been there at least two days as could be heard moving occasionally. Flew off minus tail this morning
Wood Pigeon 25 Nov 2020 TM1412 Malcolm Riddler 2 sand dunes
Wood Pigeon 23 Nov 2020 TM1531 Malcolm Riddler 23
Wood Pigeon 22 Nov 2020 TM2227 Malcolm Riddler 35
Wood Pigeon 19 Nov 2020 Roman River Valley Oliver Cottis 500
Wood Pigeon 18 Nov 2020 Copperas Bay, Stour Estuary Malcolm Riddler 45 frequent singles an small flocks throghout
Wood Pigeon 09 Nov 2020 South Woodham Ferrers Alan Shearring 400 on arable field
Wood Pigeon 04 Nov 2020 Tilbury Paul Larkin 1771 Moving WSW
Wood Pigeon 26 Oct 2020 Naze, The Brian Combes 250 +
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