Corvus corax

Rare visitor.

BOU Name
Northern Raven
Data Required
Notes.(all records outside LNHS area)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Raven 26 Nov 2020 Thorndon CP (South) Andrew Cox 1 Perched on tree in Old Pastures area. Calling at cormorants.
Raven 24 Nov 2020 Old Hall Marshes NR RSPB David Hale 1 Landed amongst Cattle. Very large Corvid, dwarfing Crows.
Raven 23 Nov 2020 Abberton Reservoir Steve Grimwade 2
Raven 22 Nov 2020 Langdon Hills NR EWT Karl Price 2 Heard cronking, flew low over Mark's Hill. Unmistakable
Raven 22 Nov 2020 Bowers Marsh (RSPB) Paul Frampton 1 Flying over calling
Raven 21 Nov 2020 Weald CP, near South Weald Andrew Stroud 1 in oaks just outside park entrance by Brookweald Cricket Club. Calling loudly. I'm now seeing them low down. In the past they were normally calling from some height
Raven 18 Nov 2020 Thorndon CP (South) Andrew Cox 1
Raven 17 Nov 2020 Thaxted Stephen Dutton 2 Croaking noticeably deeper than neighbouring corvids and larger size apparent
Raven 16 Nov 2020 Highwood, Mill Green Matthew Davison 2 Works patch sighting first for me here. Flew over from South heading towards Ongar.
Raven 14 Nov 2020 Abberton Reservoir Yvonne Watling 1 Heard only
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