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Friday 16 Oct

South Hanningfield 09:00 to 13:00, Sunny - Breezy
4 Red-crested Pochard (From the southern causeway - 4Ms + 4Fs) 1 Yellow-legged Gull (Across from the Fishing Lodge loafing with other gull species) 24 Great Black-backed Gull (Loafing on shore across from the Fishing Lodge) 5 Ruff 175 Starling (In flight in a loose flock - Seen from the southern causeway) 35 Lapwing (In flight - Seen from the southern causeway) [John Smart]

South Hanningfield
Friday 09 Oct

South Hanningfield 09:15 to 13:00, Sunny - Breezy
1 Goldeneye (Male) 5 Ruff 1 Common Tern 12 Skylark (Arriving in a tight flock from afar and dropping on shoreline to bathe and preen) 1 Buzzard 2 Sparrowhawk 13 Great Black-backed Gull [John Smart]

South Hanningfield
Sunday 07 Apr

South Hanningfield 11:30 to 11:30, Overcast and light rain.
1 Tawny Owl (Flew up from bramble and perched in tree briefly beside reservoir in Middlemead road opposite broad mead (private road).) [Kevin Cook]

South Hanningfield