Spatula clypeata

Passage migrant and winter visitor, with a small breeding population.

BOU Name
Northern Shoveler
Data Required
All breeding records. Counts of 20+.

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Shoveler 19 Sep 2021 Thurrock Thameside Nature Park (EWT) Paul Larkin 28 Five on the pit to the south of the tip, the rest Golden Gates
Shoveler 19 Sep 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 1 Eclipse male Cudmore grove pond SE,
Shoveler 18 Sep 2021 Layer Breton Michael Davies 6
Shoveler 18 Sep 2021 Russell Green GPs, near Chelmsford George Brown 3 feeding together in shallow weedy water on W side of main pit
Shoveler 18 Sep 2021 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 1
Shoveler 18 Sep 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 2 Golf house AF
Shoveler 16 Sep 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 1 Fm golf house saltings pools SE
Shoveler 15 Sep 2021 Stanway Green Oliver Cottis 1
Shoveler 11 Sep 2021 Blue House Farm EWT, North Fambridge David Hale 20 Circa.
Shoveler 10 Sep 2021 Abberton Reservoir Michael Davies 10
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