Common Scoter

Melanitta nigra

Winter visitor and passage migrant. Red list species.

BOU Name
Common Scoter
Data Required
All records. Age/sex. (RED LIST SPECIES)

Most Recent Records recorded via website

Name Date SiteName Observer Num Notes
Common Scoter 10 Apr 2021 Rainham Marshes NR RSPB Ben Green 2 Pair together on the river diving and feeding mid channel
Common Scoter 31 Mar 2021 Naze, The Martin Richards 1 nice male only just offshore at Stone Point
Common Scoter 15 Mar 2021 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 9
Common Scoter 06 Mar 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 2 Pr off cudmore grove SE
Common Scoter 05 Jan 2021 Tilbury Paul Larkin 105 On the water in Gravesend Reach
Common Scoter 03 Jan 2021 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 13 3 off park AF, 8 off west Mersea AF ,2 off Victoria esplanade DU
Common Scoter 30 Dec 2020 Coopers Creek, Blackwater Estuary John Buchanan 1 Female just West of Osea Island
Common Scoter 26 Dec 2020 Frinton-on-Sea Simon Banks 3 1 north, 2 south
Common Scoter 24 Dec 2020 Frinton-on-Sea Paul Brayshaw 50 45S 5N
Common Scoter 22 Dec 2020 Mersea Island Stephen Entwistle 2 Off cudmore grove AF
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