Date Details Sitename
Monday 18 Feb

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 10:30 to 12:00, Tide high
4 Twite (C, 3/4 mile N of fort by river wall) 1 Mediterranean Gull (Adult flying towards Cliffe) 3 Corn Bunting 2 Egyptian Goose 2 Cetti's Warbler (By old sewage works) [Sean Huggins]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Friday 28 Sep

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:30 to 15:30, Strong NE wind, cloudy early, clearing later, rising tide
126 Dunlin 118 Grey Plover 11 Gannet 93 Common Tern (Up river, largest flock 37) 54 Arctic Tern (Up river largest flock 23. Most of the early passage were Arctic, later in the day mostly Common.) 1 Sparrowhawk 1 Great Crested Grebe (Down river) 2 Mediterranean Gull (Adult and 2nd winter following ships) 9 Knot 1 Canada Goose (Drifted up river on the tide) 3 Arctic Skua 1 Hobby 2 Buzzard 1306 Black-tailed Godwit 2 Marsh Harrier (Juv and imm male) 41 Teal [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Thursday 20 Sep

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:30 to 13:30, Cloudy, strong W wind, falling tide
25 Knot (Including one red bird) 134 Curlew 63 Dunlin 76 Ringed Plover 7 Bar-tailed Godwit (Including two in bp) 14 Cormorant (Single flock up river) 2 Marsh Harrier 62 Common Tern (Up river mainly behind ships, largest flock 24) 150 Grey Plover 1 Black Tern (Up river) 1 Snipe 1234 Black-tailed Godwit 1 Little Stint (Juv) [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Saturday 08 Sep

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 09:00 to 11:00,
1600 Black-tailed Godwit (Circa) 1900 Avocet (Circa) 28 Knot 2 Bar-tailed Godwit 120 Curlew 3 Oystercatcher 48 Ringed Plover 13 Dunlin 2 Redshank 115 Grey Plover Tree Sparrow (In bushes at end of main path to radar tower) [Sean Huggins]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Wednesday 05 Sep

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:30 to 15:15, Overcast, rain later, N wind, falling tide
16 Yellow Wagtail 106 Common Tern (Movement early on but most birds returned down river. Flock of 34 went up river behind a ship late afternoon. Plus another 28 resting on the mud.) 50 Knot 125 Grey Plover 2 Green Sandpiper 8 Teal Sandwich Tern 41 Swallow (Single flock W over the Thames from Kent) 32 Black Tern (Feeding over the Thames then for a while then small groups moved off up river) 231 Ringed Plover Gannet (Juvenile flying down river) 210 Dunlin Marsh Harrier (Juv) Bar-tailed Godwit 1074 Black-tailed Godwit (Including one pale leucistic bird) 3 Curlew Sandpiper (Juvs) 2 Whimbrel Sparrowhawk Guillemot Arctic Skua (White headed sub adult in then out) [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Thursday 30 Aug

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:30 to 14:00, Fine and sunny light SSW wind
32 Canada Goose (On foreshore) 184 Dunlin 293 Ringed Plover Curlew Sandpiper (Juvenile) 1594 Black-tailed Godwit 2 Little Gull (Both 1stw/juvs, one up with tern flock, the other on its own) 12 Yellow Wagtail 2762 Avocet 93 Grey Plover Water Rail 634 Common Tern (Moving up river all day, largest flocks 186 and 179) 10 Wigeon (On foreshore) 2 Sparrowhawk (Male and fem together, the former mobbing the latter) 23 Teal Marsh Harrier (Female type) 3 Merlin (Surprise of the day! A brown bird over the river to Cliffe, then another brown bird over to Cliffe 10 mins later, didn't see it double back so assume two birds. Then later a blue male mobbing juv Peregrine over the river.) 2 Hobby (Both birds hawking over the saltmarsh together) 7 Arctic Skua (Single flock up river and out. Three dp, two pp, one ip) 5 Arctic Tern (Three juvs and two ads in with Common Terns) 2 Tufted Duck (Up river) Black Tern (Up river with Commons) 2 Peregrine Falcon (Juv fem attempting to take Common Tern over the river, eventually caught it but dropped only to be picked up off the water by an adult male (dad?) and passed talon to talon to the juv. The latter mobbed by male Merlin as it lumbered off with its prey.) Whimbrel ( ) [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Thursday 23 Aug

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:30 to 15:00, Overcast early, rain as the weather front went through, then sunny, rising tide
125 Curlew 66 Dunlin 92 Ringed Plover 783 Black-tailed Godwit (Including a couple of juvs) 8 Knot (All grey) Peregrine Falcon (Over to Kent) 93 Grey Plover (Mainly in bp) 160 Common Tern (Initially 19 roosting on one of the buoys with no movement apparent. After the rain from the weather front passed 141 counted going up river between 1300 and 1330hrs. Later several small flocks returned down river) 6 Teal Sparrowhawk 3 Shoveler 2 Green Sandpiper Whimbrel 2745 Avocet [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Tuesday 14 Aug

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 12:00 to 12:30, Cloudy, W wind rising tide. Counts only made of birds round Coalhouse Point
72 Ringed Plover 29 Dunlin Knot (Red bird) [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Friday 10 Aug

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:15 to 12:30, Fine and sunny, showers later, W wind, rising tide
425 Black-tailed Godwit 30 Ringed Plover 17 Dunlin 118 Curlew 11 Yellow Wagtail 12 Sand Martin 1629 Avocet 2 Sandwich Tern (Up river) 18 Grey Plover Arctic Tern (Nice adult flew along tide line) 120 Common Tern (Up river, no large flocks but a steady string of ones and twos throughout the period) Whimbrel [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury
Thursday 02 Aug

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury 08:00 to 12:15, Hot and sunny, west wind, LT
977 Black-tailed Godwit (Including birds in Mucking Bay) 78 Curlew 40 Shelduck (Plus a crèche of eight young) 17 Grey Plover 351 Avocet 2 Whimbrel Green Sandpiper 3 Lapwing (Including two fledge young still showing some down) 10 Yellow Wagtail (Single flock on sea wall, all juvs) 3 Stonechat (Male plus two juvs) [Paul Larkin]

Coalhouse Fort, East Tilbury