Date Details Sitename
Thursday 20 Feb

Great Totham 16:40 to 16:45,
14 Goosander ( Possibly more. Nine male. Totham Pit (M.A.S.) Gt. Totham South.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Wednesday 19 Feb

Great Totham 15:50 to 16:00, Overcast, drizzle.
10 Goosander (5 Male. Totham Pit (M.A.S.), Gt. Totham South.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Sunday 16 Feb

Great Totham 09:45 to 10:15, Brief period with no rain. Wind much reduced.
6 Goosander (Four male. Totham Pit (M.A.S.) Gt. Totham South.) 1 Cormorant (Totham Pit (M.A.S.) Gt. Totham South. Fairly irregular here.) 1 Buzzard (Just north of Captains Wood. Rooks in attendance.) 5 Magpie (Totham Pit (M.A.S.) Gt. Totham South.) 40 House Sparrow (circa. At feeders, Prince of Wales Rd.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Thursday 13 Feb

Great Totham 09:10 to 09:40,
2 Mute Swan (Pair. Totham Pit (M.A.S.)) 1 Goosander (Male. Totham Pit (M.A.S.)) 1 Song Thrush (Singing.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Friday 07 Feb

Great Totham 08:45 to 09:00, Frosty, bright.
1 Goosander (Male. Totham Pit, Gt. Totham South.) 1 Buzzard (Calling from South Wood.) 1 Green Woodpecker (Totham Pit.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Friday 24 Jan

Great Totham 11:50 to 11:55, Overcast, drizzle.
14 Goosander (10 male. Totham Pit (M.A.S. lake) Gt.Totham South. (No sign at 15.30)) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Thursday 23 Jan

Great Totham 09:00 to 09:05, Fog. Hazy rain.
9 Goosander (7 male. Totham Pit, (M.A.S. lake) Gt. Totham South. [Still present at 15.30]) 1 Song Thrush (Singing. Hall Road, nr. Totham Pit.) 40 House Sparrow (+. Usual numbers at feeders in observer's garden throughout day.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Tuesday 21 Jan

Great Totham 16:00 to 16:00,
1 Sparrowhawk (Male. Totham Pit, Gt. Totham South.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Tuesday 31 Dec

Great Totham 12:00 to 13:00,
40 House Sparrow (+. Regularly at front garden feeders, Prince of Wales Road. Local population appears to be thriving.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham
Sunday 29 Dec

Great Totham 09:45 to 09:50,
2 Goosander (Male and female. Totham Pit fishing lake. Great Totham South.) [Malcolm Corbett]

Great Totham