Date Details Sitename
Saturday 08 May

Boreham 06:15 to 07:10, "Boreham Patch" Increasingly heavy rain, wind light SSE; heavily overcast; Short circuit after emptying moth traps
1 Turtle Dove (New bird in garden at 07.45. 4th bird this spring & 2nd female. ) 1 Wheatear (Bright and large male presumably leucorhoa; distantly on top field. NFY as missed one seen by dog walker in April.) 1 Common Sandpiper (On Trifarm Pit at 06.30. NFY.) 1 Tufted Duck (Male on Trifarm. 1st for 6 days.) 1 Kingfisher (1 flew along brook at 06.55. 1st sighting for 6 days. ) [Graham Ekins]

Friday 07 May

Boreham 08:20 to 08:50, Sunny, Fine and dry- Tri farm Pit area
1 Lapwing 1 Little Ringed Plover 2 Egyptian Goose (Pair + goslings) 1 Blackcap 5 Goldfinch [Paul Everett]

Wednesday 05 May

Boreham 08:50 to 09:25, Sunny, chilly
2 Egyptian Goose (pair with Goslings) 1 Little Ringed Plover 4 Lapwing 1 Whitethroat 2 Swallow 1 Red-legged Partridge (plus one stoat around trees in layby) [Paul Everett]

Tuesday 04 May

Boreham 05:50 to 06:30, Patch Birding; Trifarm Pit: Force 3/4 W; Overcast recent shower. Back again from 07.30.
1 Sanderling (Mobile; near summer plumage; no sign at 07.50. New for Site. ) 1 Dunlin (Summer plumage schinzii race 07.50; not present at 05.50. ) 13 Egyptian Goose (2 adults and 11 young; lost just one gosling one in 2.5 weeks. ) 1 Little Ringed Plover (Has been missing for 6 days. ) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 01 May

Boreham 12:00 to 12:30, Boreham garden; increasing cloud, cool with a light N.
2 Turtle Dove (male first seen on 21st April appeared at 12.00 with a female. She stayed in Clematis for several minutes nbefore coming doen to feed. He reguarly stopped feeding to display to her. ) 2 Blackcap (Pair now coming daily to drink and bathe in our pond. ) 4 Starling (2 juvs have fledged this morning from one of our nest boxes. Other pair still feeding noisy young.) [Graham Ekins]

Saturday 24 Apr

Boreham 10:00 to 11:50, sunny, light breeze
1 Linnet 1 Whitethroat 2 Willow Warbler (Heard and seen) [Paul Shuttleworth]

Wednesday 24 Mar

Boreham 10:40 to 11:00, Fine and Dry, Trifarm Pit, Church Road short visit passing through.
2 Mute Swan (1st winter ) 12 Wigeon (7 M, 5F) 9 Cormorant (Including 1st winter) 2 Canada Goose 19 Black-headed Gull 5 Great Crested Grebe 4 Greylag Goose 3 Lapwing [Paul Everett]

Friday 12 Feb

Boreham 13:35 to 15:00, Force 2/3 E, increasingly overcast; ground frozen; Patch Birding walk. Trifarm Pit & Chelmer mostly unfrozen; Meads ice covered
1 Reed Bunting (male in garden on and off all day. First ever garden record, previously autumn flyovers.) 1 Pied Wagtail (Imm male in garden am) 1 Goldcrest (male feeding in garden Bay Trees.) 95 Starling (Peak count in garden today feeding primarily on insect fatballs. ) 3 Stock Dove (Feeding on Niger and Sunflower hearts.) 10 Fieldfare (Feeding in garden on apples and last of hawthorn berries. ) 2 Redwing (In garden. ) 16 Snipe (Low East along Chelmer at 14.30) 1 Redshank (On Trifarm Pit from 14.00, flighty. 1st February record on patch. ) 5 Gadwall (3MM New in on Trifarm Pit) 128 Tufted Duck (Little recent change.) 67 Wigeon (Steadily increasing. ) 22 Cormorant (East along Chelmer in 2 groups pm ) [Graham Ekins]

Wednesday 10 Feb

Boreham 13:45 to 15:00, Very Light NE; sunny, cold with slight thaw; Enjoyable Patch Birding Walk.
16 Snipe (The large flock from yesterday have moved on as flooded area totally frozen. Now on Trifarm Pit edge.) 3 Dunlin (presumably the 2 from yesterday have been joined by a 3rd andf feeding actively on edge of Trifarm Pit. ) 65 Lapwing (On frozen winter wheat harassed by Black-headedGulls. ) 1 Green Sandpiper (Feeding with Dunlin. (NFY)) 3 Fieldfare (Increase to 3 in garden feeding on apples. ) 15 Blackbird (Peak count at dawn, appear to be prefer fatballs to apples. ) [Graham Ekins]

Tuesday 09 Feb

Boreham 10:20 to 12:30, Patch birding circuit; Light NE, overcast with snow showers; Chelmer and Trifarm Pit still not frozen
1 Fieldfare (Male still in garden; very aggressive to Blackbirds. No others found) 38 Goldfinch (On feeders ) 32 Chaffinch (On ground under feeders) 94 Snipe (New in and amazing mid-winter count; many feeding in flooded hollow in field) 2 Dunlin (Amongst the Snipe. rare here mid-winter) 125 Lapwing (Estimate 100 of these are new in overnight) 78 Tufted Duck (Little change ) 2 Gadwall (New in) 38 Wigeon (small increase) 6 Meadow Pipit (On edge of Trifarm, large flock has moved on. ) 9 Mute Swan (On edge of partially frozen flooded field; 5 juvs.) 1 Sparrowhawk (Imm M caught a Starling in garden am. ) 6 Redwing (Feeding on edge of Chelmer) [Graham Ekins]